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Hello, my name is Stephan Chase, (obviously).

I am a husband, father, and the founder of Chase Intel, LLC. A consumer analytics firm specializing in driving the profitability of companies and extending the relationships between associations and their members. You can learn more about me and my firm here.
You can reach me at

I have yet to decide a theme for
If you were looking for the website of Stephan Chase the actor. You can find a copy of his former website here. It has links to some of his work. He unfortunately passed away in June of 2019. On a whim I reached out to him in 2017 and shared email correspondence with him that I found to be meaningful. I visited London in the spring of 2019, but he wasn't feeling well enough to get together. Sadly, he died two months later. Although we never met, in my mind I imagined that we would have established a friendship had we done so.

I believe this was his last work. It's a short piece set to music titled "Lost but not forgotten." It was inspired by the evacuation of St Kilda, an Island off the coast of Scotland. I believe it to be beautiful and poignant and a true representation of what I came to believe was Stephan's depth and humanity. I am sure he is sorely missed by his family and friends.
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